Determine the Full Value of Your Home

-  Complete a Comparative Marketing Analysis to determine the full value of your

    home as compared to others in your area.

Improve, Boost Home Worth and Appeal

-  Help you witness how little effort and expense it can take to significantly increase curb

    appeal:  grooming, cleanup, and even minor landscape improvements.  This makes a

    difference in whether people stop or drive on by.

 -  Help you stage your home in order to transform its appearance and boost the price you can

    get when it is sold.

Launch a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

-  Design, share, and launch a comprehensive marketing plan to sell your home.  Place your

    home on the Mlultiple Listing Service that publicizes to 100s of Realtors and to the residents

    throughout Shasta County.

-   Use multiple internet and social media resources and local media to advertise your home.

-   Present your home to as many qualified buyers as possible including holding ongoing open


Get Full Value for Your Home

-  Assist in obtaining offers and then negotiating the best deal possible.